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WAQF management consultant

Unleashing our clients’ potential by maximising the innovation.

Consultant Group model for managing smart pioneer WAQF (enablers, themes, and continuity factors)

Foresight and strategic leadership of smart pioneer WAQF

The overall vision of the state and the strategies of the Ministry of WAQF

Strategic performance indicators between the state, the ministry and major WAQF

Laws and regulations supporting the construction and operation of smart pioneer WAQF

Measuring the level of maturity in smart pioneer WAQF

Planning and managing policies in major WAQF under decentralization (advanced level)

Partnerships with the five sectors in managing smart pioneer WAQF (advanced level)

Strategic Governance and Performance Management Office (SGPMO) (Advanced Level)

Specialized offices in the four levels of professional work in the pioneer WAQF (advanced level)

The eight work axes in the pioneer WAQF (advanced level)

Duration of the course

5 training days, with an average of 6 hours per day (30 hours).

Level: Expert

Level: Expert

Course Value: $3,000

Course Control

  • Graduation project
  • Each course has training hours and workshops.
  • Attending 85% of the course.
  • Subscription fees are paid in two installments.
  • Diploma accredited by the International Academy for Consulting and Training (UK).

Who is this course for?

  • Ministers of WAQF
  • Undersecretaries of the Ministry of WAQF
  • Consulting offices associated with smart WAQF
  • The political elite associated with the work and development of WAQF
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