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Building and Operating the Strategic Governance and Performance Management Office (SGPMO) in governmental institutions

SGPMO definition

It is the highest body for developing performance in government institutions. It is an office based on establishing a vital, dynamic system that works on its own, to develop the performance of these institutions. It works according to a scientific methodology that applies international best practices, in order to ensure that it achieves governance, efficiency, effectiveness, and continuous improvement. It operates in three levels (strategic, executive, and operational), and contains many branch offices in each of the three levels.

The main objectives of establishing the Strategic Governance and Performance Management Office (SGPMO) in governmental institutions

  • Building a methodology and a well-defined system for the development of government institutions, according to a scientific vision and successful experiences.
  • Applying corporate governance to achieve (efficiency and effectiveness) and save wasted millions.
  • Develop people, systems, processes, procedures, policies and performance in these organizations.
  • Establishing a system for automatic development and continuous improvement through (Knowledge Management Office).
  • Applying international best practices in building and operating pioneer smart developmental and charitable institutions.
  • Complete transition from personal vision and individual diligence to an effective institutional system.
  • Economic and social integration with the five sectors.
  • Clear, real, and expressive measurements and performance indicators.
  • Reducing financial and administrative corruption in all sectors of the various institutions.
  • Raise the efficiency of the institutions through the optimal use of resources.
  • Participation and community oversight to develop the performance of these institutions.

Steps to build a Strategic Governance and Performance Management Office (SGPMO) in governmental institutions

  • Conducting introductory courses to explain the concept of governance and its relationship to performance management.
  • Measuring the institutional maturity of all strategic, executive and operational offices in these institutions.
  • Conducting workshops, meetings, interviews, questionnaires, and analyzes, to find out the real situation of these offices in these institutions.
  • Identify points of improvement within the three offices in these institutions.
  • Discuss with specialists about solutions and obstacles.
  • Explanation of the Consultant Group model for strategic office for governance and performance management.
  • Statement of change management methodology, and how to integrate and smooth change between the old and modern system.
  • Develop a vision of how to build the office of governance and performance management in these institutions.
  • Develop implementation strategies and the necessary work schedule.
  • Implementation and assigning tasks to the advisory team.
  • Conducting periodic meetings with specialists and submitting periodic reports on work progress.
  • Training specialists on the programs and methodologies of the
  • Office of Governance and Performance Management.
  • Project delivery, with all recommendations for continuous improvement.

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