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Measuring the Degree of institutional maturity in governmental institutions

Objectives for measuring the institutional maturity in governmental institutions.

  • Transition from personal vision and individual diligence to effective institutional work.
  • Building a closed professional institutional system in which continuous automatic improvement takes place.
  • Facilitate and automate operations within institutions to save money, time, and effort.
  • Combating forms and manifestations of financial and administrative corruption in these institutions.
  • Developing the level of services provided to customers to reach their satisfaction.
  • Provide real added value to individuals and society, contributing to the achievement of the level of well-being for them.
  • Building a system of governance within these institutions to save wasted billions.

Steps to measuring institutional maturity in governmental institutions

  • Carrying out introductory courses to explain the concept of institutional maturity.
  • Explanation of the institutional maturity model of the Consulting Group.
  • The company’s team conducts workshops, meetings, interviews, questionnaires, and analyzes, to find out the true status of the level of maturity of these institutions, and to determine in which levels their maturity is located.
  • Determine the extent of the defect existing in these institutions in the various axes and draw an illustrative picture of this defect.
  • Develop a vision of how to build the institutional capabilities required to move to higher levels of maturity.
  • Discussing with specialists about the proposed solutions, and the appropriate ones for these institutions.
  • Develop implementation strategies and the timetable for their implementation.
  • Implementation and assigning tasks to the advisory team.
  • Conducting periodic meetings with specialists and submitting periodic reports on work progress.
  • Project delivery, with all recommendations for continuous improvement, leading to institutional leadership.

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